How We Do It

An authentic development program builds commitment to an organization’s mission and strategic vision. We help you accomplish this in ways that are rewarding and meaningful for you. We do not believe in boilerplate solutions or formulas. Instead our consultation is always tailored to your unique situation.

Our work together begins with a written audit of your current development efforts—a collaborative effort to assess your readiness to conduct a productive advancement program.

The service then continues with a series of two-day conferences at your campus during which we discuss your progress, make adjustments in the work plan, and in general, attempt to hone your development program.

Generally these conferences are held every six weeks, or eight times per year. In advance of each session your staff develops an agenda and progress report for review. This prep work makes our visits more productive. Between sessions we are always available by phone, fax, and e-mail.

Meeting every six weeks provides a series of benchmarks by which we can measure your progress and ensures that you will benefit from the mentoring approach described above. Since persistence is required to build a well-functioning development platform, we enter into a three-year relationship with each of our clients.

During our thirty-six months together, you can expect specific recommendations and ongoing counsel regarding every phase of your development and public relations program, including: strategic planning, marketing, volunteer and donor management, board development, and your case for support. Additionally, we will make action-oriented recommendations to help you institute and achieve an effective, well-rounded program of annual, capital, and planned giving.

For our services we charge an annual professional fee, paid in monthly installments. We are also reimbursed for travel expenses, lodging, meals, and other out-of-pocket expenses connected with our visits.