What We Do

We’re a small firm, dedicated to highly personal service in the areas of development, marketing, and public relations. Due to the unique nature of our work, we serve only a limited number of select clients at any given time. This insures that we get to know you and are able to meet your special needs a close, collegial manner.

We believe that successful advancement programs are always built from the inside out. The development process flourishes when an organization nurtures long-term relationships with its publics or constituents. Such relationships can only be built and sustained over the long term by insiders—the president or head, trustees, members of the development staff. For that reason, we do not attempt to manage or run a client’s program as some firms do.

Instead, we mentor or guide you in building and sustaining a comprehensive advancement program on your own. Your staff will learn best by doing the hands-on-work themselves under our counsel. In this way, you retain the internal capacity to carry forward the program after our consulting relationship has ended.

In summary, we serve clients committed to the development process, who desire to build or improve their own institutional advancement programs. We diagnose, prescribe, and help our clients build solid development programs, piece by piece.