Why We Make A Difference

When you retain Seeberg & Associates, you can expect to receive high quality, personal service characterized in six important ways.

Holistic Our counseling services will cut across all aspects of your advancement program. We’re as concerned about your annual fund as we are about your capital program. We’ll help you integrate our recommendations into a comprehensive work plan so that all the pieces work together, massaging and strengthening one another.
Flexible & Collaborative We do not believe in boilerplate solutions or formulas to campaigning, major gift work, or any other aspect of institutional advancement. We’ll work together to implement the most effective approach for your organization. This protects your long-term interests.
Mission – Driven Development is a nurturing process that builds commitment to an organization’s mission. We believe that fundraising must be conducted in such a way that it not only secures the necessary funds, but promotes and extends your mission into the future.
Prospect – Centered Together, we’ll build strategies to serve the needs and of aspirations of your prospects, not the needs of some pre-determined campaign plan or time line. We will not let you sacrifice your unique and long-term relationship with these special people in an attempt to reach short-term goals.
Trusted Counsel When you retain Seeberg & Associates, you retain Mark Seeberg, not an account executive employed by his firm. Mark’s counseling services are intensely personal, based on integrity and loyalty. If retained, Mark will behave as if he was a trustee of your organization.
Positioned for the Long Term By focusing on the fundamental principles of sound development, we will accomplish not only your immediate funding needs, but position the organization to reap benefits long into the future. Our goal is to help you build the internal capacity and commitment necessary to carry forward a prospect-centered, comprehensive advancement program long after our relationship has ended.